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10 Jobs Where High School Dropouts Can Be Successful

10 Jobs Where High School Dropouts Can Be Successful There is a stigma attached to â€Å"dropping out† of high school, which can really appear to affect one’s job prospects. In 2015, almost 20% of unemployed people were high school dropouts. But there are ways to find your way to a successful career without having completed high school. Here are some totally respectable options. You will likely earn less over your lifetime than you would with a diploma or a bachelor’s degree, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up and call yourself a failure either.Here are some good job prospects for people without a high school diploma.1. Construction ManagerConstruction might not seem like the job you want forever, but if you can work your way up to manager, you can earn an average of up to $1.5 million in your lifetime. The number of these jobs is expected to grow, and the median wage is over $87k per year. You’ll probably want to take a few leadership courses as you make your way up the ranks, just to accelera te your promotion prospects.2. MechanicCars always need fixing. As an automotive service technician or mechanic, you can earn a median salary of nearly $38k per year. The competition is fierce, but the more technology skills you pick up along the way, the better off you’ll be. Bonus points if you specialize in big vehicles like buses or trucks- you’ll earn more and have less competition.3. Office ManagerOffice and administrative support managers keep an office running smoothly. This is one of the highest paid non-diploma jobs out there. The competition will be fairly tough, of course, but it’s a good living with estimated lifetime earnings of nearly $1.4 million.4. Sales RepWholesalers and manufacturers look more for candidates who can meet targets, rather than focusing on educational bona fides. These jobs pay well, plus commissions, and are great for communicative people persons. Make a median salary of over $59k per year.5. Food Service ManagerYou don’ t need a diploma to get a job in food service. And if you can work your way up to the managerial level, you can make over $48k per year in median pay. You will have to work long hours- lots of nights and weekends, but if it’s a lifestyle you can get behind, it’s good steady work.6. Administrative AssistantAdmin  work might be hard to get without a diploma, but not impossible. Particularly if you present yourself professionally and show your skills and experience from prior assistant jobs. The median pay is somewhere near $36k per year.7. ElectricianIf you can cultivate this marketable skill through work experience or vocational school, you can make an estimated $1.4 million lifetime as an electrician. Peak earners in this profession aren’t necessarily the ones with extra degrees or diplomas. If you’ve got the skills, you can make the bucks.8. MachinistMost machinists have not attended a four year college, though a bit of extra boning up at a vocational school would stand you in good stead to advance in this career path. Job opportunities in this field are good and estimated lifetime earnings are over a million.9. Home Health AideThis is not an easy job and the median annual pay is relatively low (just under $22k per year). But you don’t have to have a fancy education and you can really make a difference in people’s lives. You’ll need lots of interpersonal skills, stamina, and integrity, but if you’re an idealist and you love to help people, this could be for you.10. EntrepreneurAlways a big risk, but not impossible. If you have an idea or a talent you believe in, see about building a business. There are plenty of billionaires who started off as high school dropouts. All you need is the next big thing. It wouldn’t hurt to take a few courses on the side in business management and study the practices of successful entrepreneurs you’ve read about or met. Be careful, but if you feel strongly th at you can do it, it might be worth a shot.

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Why Healthcare Jobs Are On The Rise

Why Healthcare Jobs Are On The Rise The health care industry is booming and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, offering good pay and job security. The expansion in health care jobs is due to several reasons. Those interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field can find many opportunities for employment. The reasons for an increasing number of workers in the field is twofold. SEE ALSO:Â  Top 5 Overlooked and Rewarding Healthcare CareersIncreasing Job Opportunities in Health CareAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for qualified health care workers in different sectors will increase by 19 percent by 2024. There are already 18.9 million individuals employed in the healthcare field, which is almost four million more than in 2005. This increase in the need for healthcare workers outpaces all other professions. Healthcare workers, as an average, also show a higher median income than other professions.America’s Aging PopulationSince the baby boomer generation started reac hing the age of 65 several years ago, the number of older Americans who require health care services has increased exponentially. In addition, life expectancies have jumped considerably. By 2050, men are expected to live to 80 and women to 86, according to Everyday Health. This increase of the number of senior citizens with longer lifespans adds to the need for health care workers across the board. In addition, as current healthcare worker retire, replacements are needed. From senior retirement homes and nursing centers to physicians, pharmacists, rehabilitation services and other workers, opportunities will expand for health care positions.More People Have Health InsuranceThe Affordable Care Act has allowed millions of persons to enroll in health insurance plans. Medicaid has also expanded in many states, allowing those previously without health insurance to be covered. Individuals can no longer be refused insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions. This expansion lets many previously uninsured individuals seek health care treatments and adds to the need for healthcare workers.Health Care JobsAlthough all healthcare jobs are expected to grow over the years, the following jobs were chosen as some of the best jobs for growth outlook by 2022, according to a 2015 report on one website that rates jobs. These include audiologist, expected to grow by 34 percent, dental hygienist by 33 percent, dietician by 21 percent, physical therapist by 36 percent and medical records jobs by 22 percent. Other healthcare jobs are following suit in hospital, clinic and physician offices, home healthcare, nursing and assisted living situations and other areas.Healthcare jobs are growing, and it can be a good time to get into these professions for steady employment in the future. TheJobNetwork conducts job searches for you and sends listings to your email in the form of alerts, so you can choose the right job for you. All you do is fill out your qualifications and job interest s to sign up with TheJobNetwork, and you are on your way to a new job.

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Week6 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Week6 - Assignment Example Healthcare professionals are mainly concerned with saving lives of people and their work is greatly valued which motivate them to work had. Self efficacy is also applicable to the healthcare profession according to the article. People who are sure that they can be successful in their careers are motivated than those who think otherwise. In case of expectancy, motivation is likely to suffer if the employees think that they will not get anything from their efforts. These three components fit very well into the profession of healthcare. Most healthcare workers are motivated at their jobs because they perceive that the work that they do is needed and important. Healthcare workers work to help people feel better- which they must believe is possible if that is what they are trying to achieve. Though healthcare workers are not always rewarded monetarily, many feel rewarded by praise or by knowing that they have helped someone. These are all very important factors for why healthcare professionals seek work in the area that they do and why they would continue to feel motivated in their jobs. I agree that three above mentioned factors fit in well in the healthcare system. First of all, nurses are motivated by the fact that they are regarded as very important in their profession. This influences them to put more effort in their work so that they can continue getting the valuable recognition from different people. Healthcare workers are also motivated by their perceived chances for success. Every individual has specific goals to achieve in his or her career and this is a motivating factor in its own. Lastly, healthcare workers are also motivated by the expectation of gaining a personal reward. Indeed, this is an external factor but it influences the healthcare workers to put more effort in their work when they are aware that they will be rewarded for their efforts. The first component is valance. This is related to

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Midterm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Midterm - Essay Example The governance of the Empire got an entry into China through military conquest. Before the emergence of the empire, the entire expanse of Mongol, parts of North China, and Manchuria were led by Liao Dynasty. However, in 1125, the Jin Dynasty was formed; it attacked and overthrew the Liao Dynasty thereby taking over control of all its former territory. It is this brief military inversion that saw the entry of the Mongol Empire in the modern day China. The empire rule in China was legendary and lasted over five centuries. This success story is attributed to a number of governance strategies that the leadership of the empire undertook. The modern day China was previously divided into both the northern part and the southern, all of which had different leadership. After taking over the control of the north, the first ruler of the Jin Dynasty, Jurchens, set out to conquer the south and other parts of the East Asia thereby expanding her territory. The dynasty ensured that it had a very effe ctive army that was drawn from the society. The leadership of the empire paid close attention to the essence of military strength. At the time, the politics of the world was reshaping, there were a lot of conquests and wars. These threatened to split a part very many territories. It is with this knowledge that the dynasty formed a very large indomitable army. With this, he was assured of the future of his kingdom (Craig 114). With safety of her populace well secured, the dynasty promoted peaceful coexistence among her subjects. The dynasty understood the role that religion played in the development of peace in a society. It thus accepted most of the religious faiths that were in existence in the region. This earned it acceptance from the common man who did not like his religion restructured. The dynasty also developed the mail service system. This guaranteed it of a very effective communication system. All these coupled with clearly stipulated laws ensured that every aspect of human ity in the region was catered for. The strong military monitored the region ensuring that law and order was maintained. Culture is never static and ever since the early civilizations of man, people have always borrowed practices from other cultures that they deemed fit and assimilated them. The Chinese and the Japanese interacted greatly during the Nara and Heian period. A lot of trade existed between the two regions at the time with more Japanese coming into China and vice versa. The Japanese borrowed a lot of cultural practices from the Chinese which they later assimilated to become their own. The Chinese were skilled in arts and craft, the Japanese thus bought a lot of these products of art and craft such as baskets. As these interactions intensified, the Japanese also mastered the acts of creating substances from papyrus that was readily available in their region. To develop a brand of their own from these, they seamlessly incorporated the use of color and produced beautifully c olored handicrafts that later became known as purely Japanese (Craig 241). Religious and other cultural practices such ceremonies were also emulated by the Japanese. Chinese were very religious and highly superstitious people. They prayed for guidance from their ancestors and offered sacrifices to them and other gods that they trusted. The Japanese adopted some of these religious practices besides other cultural and economic practices. The Chinese were known to be very enterprising

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The Role of the Cartels, the United States and the Mexican Federal Gove

The â€Å"Drug War† along the border of Mexico and the United States is one of the longest coordinated engagements of law enforcement (who have accepted the aid of the Mexican military) in both countries’ history (Winslow, 2015). The history of this unofficial war is extraordinarily complicated; rife with both political and criminal players, violence, corruption, bad policy, and controversy. Its importance to America and Mexico cannot be underestimated, especially in its role in legislation, law enforcement techniques, and public opinion. The sheer size and scope of the war surpasses general understandings of battlefields and skirmishes; but it is obvious where the most â€Å"warfare† is occurring—the border (Pacheco, 2009). To explore all of these concepts would take substantial time; so in favor of brevity and efficiency this paper will attempt to provide the reader with a general overview of the current situation, and then go into depth about several subjects: the history, the key participants, the drugs at issue, the range of the war across Mexico (at current date), political controversies accompanying, and proposed solutions by experts. To put current day events into context, one should first glance at the history behind the Drug War. Payan contended in his article The Drug War and the U.S.-Mexico Border: The State of Affairs that the roots of the drug war stem from the resentment policymakers had towards the counterculture revolution of the late 60’s. Mind-altering drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin were in great demand, and many small gangs in Mexico had taken advantage of the opportunity. Nixon saw the rising clamor from conservatives against the trafficking and use of these substances; so he instituted the DEA, coin... ...3/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=fc2f2fad-9bc3-4172-b521-6917fa15c2e7%40sessionmgr13&vid=4&hid=7 Payan, T. (2006). The Drug War and the U.S.-Mexico Border: The State of Affairs. South Atlantic Quarterly, 105(4), 863-880. doi:10.1215/00382876-2006-006. Web. 4 Oct. 2015. Vance, L. M. (2011). The Other Unconstitutional War. New American, 27(21), 20-24. Web. 4 Oct. 2015. Winslow, Don. America's war on drugs is empowering Mexico's drug cartels CNN. June 28, 2015, Web. 4 Oct. 2015.

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It is named Al-Fatihah, the Opening – because it opens the Book and the recitation in prayer commences by it. It is also named Umm al-Qur'an, the Mother of the Qur'an, and Umm al-Kitab, the Mother of the Book because the meaning of the entire Qur'an is summarised therein. It is also named Sab'ulMathani, (the Seven Often Repeated Verses), Al-Hamd, (the Praise), Al-Shifa (The Cure) and ArRuqya, the Spiritual Cure. Its recitation is a condition for the effectiveness of the prayer. It is the Mecci Surah of the Holy Quran. It was initially the 5th chapter to be disclosed but after Furqan e Hameed was assembled together, it was put at the beginning. Al-Fatiha itself means â€Å"The Opening† as this chapter comes right at the start of the Holy Book and serves as a Gateway to read Quran Majeed further. It also has the honor of being the very first Surah that is made known completely. Although it consists of 7 Ayats only, but it still explains the Almighty's reverence in a very comprehensive fashion and is a great means of asking Allah for keeping one on the right path.Virtues of Surah Fatiha There are many virtues associated with this Surah. Hazrat Abu Saeed al-Khudri narrates: â€Å"While on a journey we halted at a place. A girl came to us and said: â€Å"The chief of this tribe has been stung by a scorpion and our men are not present, is there anybody amongst you who can recite something upon him to treat him?† Then, one of our men went along with her although we did not think that he knew any such treatment. However, our friend went to the chief and recited something upon him and the chief was cured. Thereupon, the chief gave him thirty sheep and gave us all milk to drink. When he returned, we asked our friend: â€Å"Did you know anything to recite upon him to cure him?† He said: â€Å"No, I only recited Umm al-Kitab upon him.† We said that do not do anything until we reach Madinah and ask the Prophet regarding this (practice and reward whether the sheep were lawful or not for us). Upon reaching Madinah, we narrated this to the Prophet (PBUH), whereupon he remarked: â€Å"How did he come to know that Al-Fatiha can be used as a cure? (PBUH) Distribute your reward amongst yourselves and a lot a share for me as well†Theme of Surah Fatiha Allah has taught in this Surah to mankind to offer prayer to Him, who is the Lord of this universe before seeking guidance and Who alone can grant it. The reader should have a firm belief that the Creator of the universe is the source of all knowledge and the study of Quran can provide him guidance. Islam requires a man to commence everything with the name of Allah. By doing this he will keep himself away from evil and wrong deeds. Then there is prayer of Allah Who is Master, Owner, Sustainer, Provider, Guardian, Sovereign, Ruler, Administrator and Organizer. Then it is added that He is the Master of the Day of Judgment, thus, everyone is accountable for his deeds. Mankind is only worshiper of the Lord and for this reason, mankind is requesting for guidance in every walk of life. The guidance which make mankind favorable is required. The one who will be astray will suffer the wrath of Allah (SWT). Brief Tafseer of Surah FatihaIn the name of Allah The first ayah of Surah Fatiha is: In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful. (Al-Fatiha: 1) This phrase is known as the bismillah. It is good to recite it before doing any action.The Meaning of the letter Baa The Baa in the Arabic language can have three different meanings:With – With / In the name of AllahSeeking help – Seeking help of the name of AllahSeeking blessing – Seeking blessing with the name of AllahThe Meaning of al-Rahman and al-RaheemBoth these names are derived from the same root letters: raa, haa, meem; which means to have mercy.They are thus similar in meaning and both are connected to Allah's (SWT) Mercy. The fact that Allah (SWT) mentions two of His Names which have to do with Mercy, rather than Might and Power or so on, shows just how important this Attribute is.The difference between al-Rahman and al-Raheem is that al-Rahman refers to Allah's (SWT) Mercy to all of creation. It is His Mercy which is extended to both believers and disbelievers; animals, and everything that exists. He says in the Qur'an:My Mercy encompasses all things. (Al-A'raf: 156)Al-Rahman therefore indicates the extreme vastness of Allah's (SWT) Mercy. It is mentioned in a hadith that Allah (SWT) divided Mercy into 100 parts and sent down only one part to this dunya. It is from this one part of His Mercy that animals show mercy to their offspring (Sahih Muslim). Al-Raheem refers to Allah's (SWT) Mercy which is specific for the believers. He says in the Qur'an:All Praise is due to AllahThe second ayah is: All praise be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds. (Al-Fatiha: 2)The Meaning of Hamd and the Difference between Hamd and ShukrHamd means praise and thankfulness. The scholars differed as to the relation between the words hamd and shukr. Some said that they both have the same meaning. So, the meaning of hamd, in their view, is the same as shukr (gratitude). Hamd is something which must be done with love and reverence, but shukr does not need this. Shukr is done in response to a favour which is done to a person but hamd is done simply because the one being praised and thanked is worthy of that.The Meaning of ‘AalameenSome of the differing views about it are that it refers to:Everything which exists other than Allah ta'aalaaMankind and the jinnThose things which have an intellect, and they are four: mankind, jinn, angels, and devilsThose things which have soulsThe best view is the first one, the proof being ayah 23 and 24 of Surah Shu'ara. (23)Said Pharaoh, â€Å"And what is the Lord of the worlds?†(24) [Moses] said, â€Å"The Lord of the heavens and earth and that between them, if you should be convinced.The Beneficent, The Most MercifulThe third ayah is:The Beneficent, The Most Merciful. (Al-Fatiha: 3)There is repetition of these two names to emphasi ze the importance of the quality of mercy. Also, when something is repeated in the Qur'an, then you should look at the ayah before it and after it, to see how they are related. In this case, the previous ayah mentioned that Allah (SWT) is the Rabb of all the worlds. So, He repeating the words, al-Rahman al-Raheem after that, shows us that His being the Rabb – His taking of and sustaining and providing for us – is all part of His Mercy towards us. Master of the Day of RewardThe fourth ayah is:The Only Owner of the Day of Recompense. (Al-Fatiha: 3)The Meaning of MaalikThe first word of this ayah can be recited in two ways: either as â€Å"Maalik† (with a madd after the meem) or as â€Å"Malik† (without the madd). Maalik means master, and it refers to â€Å"milk† – the ownership of something. Malik means king, and it refers to â€Å"mulk† – the dominion of a person.God is the Lord of the Day when all generations of mankind gather together on order to render an account of their conduct, and when each person will be finally rewarded or punished for his deeds. The description of God as Lord of the Day of Judgement following the mention of his benevolence and compassion indicates that we ought to remember another aspect of God as well-namely, that He will judge us all, Hence, we ought not only to love Him for nourishing and sustaining us and for His compassion and mercy towards us, but also hold Him in awe because of His justice. You (Alone) We WorshipThe fifth ayah is:You (alone) we worship and You (alone) we ask for help. (Al-Fatiha: 5)At this point, there is a shift in the Surah from informing us about Allah (SWT) and praising Him, to addressing Him.†We worship† means we obey. Worship is obedience and self-abasement. It means to humble yourself before Allah (SWT) and to submit to His Will. The ayah affirms the Lordship of Allah.†Iyyaaka nasta'een† means we seek help and success. Usually, in most sentences the verb comes first and then the object; but in this ayah the object of the verb is mentioned first and then the verb to attach importance to it, to Allah (SWT). It also refers the status of the slave and his worship which is lower so it will come after mentioning the Lord, Allah (SWT).Guide us on the Straight PathThe sixth ayah is:Guide us on the Straight Path. (Al-Fatiha: 5)This ayah is a dua which we make to Allah (SWT). We ask Him to show us the Straight Path and to guide us on it, so that we will get His Guidance which draws us closer and nearer to Him. We need to struggle towards Allah (SWT) by doing good deeds and by staying away from all bad deeds which will distance us from Him. The Meaning of MustaqeemMustaqeem is derived from istaqaama, which means to be upright and correct. We already said that for a road to be a sirat it must be straight, so this adjective of mustaqeem again emphasizes the straight path. Another meaning of mustaqeem is to remain firm without tilting. For example, a tree that is firmly grounded when the wind blows it is not affected by it. So, the Straight Path is a path on which people are firmly grounded. The Path of Those†¦The seventh and final ayah is:The path of those you have blessed, not of those with anger on them, nor of those who are astray. (Al-Fatiha: 7)This ayah is for the people Allah has blessed and his guidance. This is explained by Allah (SWT) in another ayah where He says: Whosoever obeys Allah and the Messenger, they are with those whom Allah has favored, the Prophets, the sincere, the martyrs and the righteous, and these are the best company. (Al-Nisa': 69)So, the favored and blessed people are the Prophets, the righteous, the martyrs and the pious. And who are the people with anger on them and those who are astray? This is explained by the Prophet. ‘Adi ibn Hatim (RA) asked him about those with anger on them and he replied that it refers to the Jews. He then asked him about those who are astray and he replied that it refers to the Christians. Impact of Surah Al-Fatiha on the life of a Muslim as servant of Allah.The recitation of Surat Al-Fatiha in every Salat cause us to reflect deeply on our relationship with Rabb Al-‘Alameen; it drive us to ensure that we are sincere to the meaning of the words we utter when we say You alone we worship, and in You alone we seek help. Reciting these words cause us to shape our lives according to His commands and prohibitions, in preparation for meeting the Owner/King of the Day of Judgement. And above all else, it informs us and reminds us that all praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. The hamd or praise over, the Surah draws attention to the all-encompassing providence of God, His mercy, and His justice; and thus gives a comprehensive picture of divine attributes which operate to provide man with all that he needs to sustain and develop the humanity in him and prevent him from going down in the scale of life.

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History And Analysis Of Social Welfare - 1246 Words

History and Analysis of Social Welfare From the colonialization of America to the present, social welfare has evolved tremendously. American values during each era helped determine how the poor were to be treated. Values such as Puritan work ethic, felt that if you were not working then you were immoral. Two other values that were prominent in American’s history are individualism and capitalism. Individualism is the belief that one can succeed without the help of others while the capitalistic view felt that a free market system would help create jobs. The Judeo-Christian value comes up in our history as well and says that those who are deemed worthy morally deserve the help of others. These values shaped perspectives on social welfare. One perspective called the problem centered approach feels that it is the individual’s actions are to blame for their poverty. The other perspective is the conflict approach where it is believed that things out of our control cause povert y. This could be an economic downturn or policies that affect individuals financially. The history of social welfare begins during colonization. Although there was not social work, there was some form of public assistance. Public assistance during colonization consisted of Early American Poor Laws. During this time the poor were referred to as â€Å"paupers† because they were unemployed and were required to wear P’s so they could be identified. The belief during this time was that it was the relative’sShow MoreRelatedDeveloping Efficient Framework For Social Security Data Mining1606 Words   |  7 PagesDeveloping Efficient framework for social Security Data Mining Methodology Ms.Pranjali Barde Ms.Minal Bobade UG Scholar, JCOET UG Scholar, JCOET Yavatmal, India Yavatmal, India Ms.Rani K. Kakde Ms.Vaishali V Rathod UG Scholar, JCOET UG Scholar, JCOET Yavatmal, India Yavatmal, IndiaRead MoreThe Public Sphere By Habermas960 Words   |  4 Pagespeople and the state. He defines the public sphere as a product of democracy, and that the public sphere consists of private individual assembled. The concept of public sphere appeared during the eighteenth century, specifically he discusses the history of the public sphere at the end of monarchy era. During this period, the feudal authorities had broken apart and the third estate was no longer hold the highest power in the realm of the state. This separation created two elements in the state; theRead MoreOur Current US Welfare System Is in Urgent Need of Reform Essay1294 Words   |  6 PagesWelfare is a government program that provides food, money, housing, medical care, and other things people need in order to survive. These programs are designed to help elderly, children, disabled individuals who cannot support their families on their current income. In order to qualify for assistance the individual’s income must be below the poverty line. There are about sixty assistance programs, however most people receive help though Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps and Temporary AssistanceRead MoreChild Welfare Services Technology : An Area Of Much Needed Improvement1421 Words   |  6 Pages Child Welfare Services Technology INTRODUCTION Reform of child welfare services and their accessibility is an area of much needed improvement. Some of the many aspects of care that can be improved with advanced technological resources are referrals, intake, coverage, and placement. Case management, delivery of services, finance, organizational forms, education, and outcomes are also areas for enhancement. Due to a lack of consistency within states and state to state programs along withRead MoreChild Welfare Policy: Past, Present, and Future Essays1028 Words   |  5 Pagesorganizations relied heavily on charitable contributions and when the economy collapsed, the contributions halted. By the 1940s, most of the child protection societies either merged with other organizations or closed completely. The last era of child welfare began in 1962. Myers says that the 1960s started a time when people were actually paying more attention to child abuse, thanks to medical doctors. Prior to this time, physicians had little to no training or information on child abuse. A pediatricRead MoreNature and Social problems1091 Words   |  5 PagesNature and Social of the Social Problem Child abuse and neglect has been a prevalent problem throughout history and although progress has been made, it continues to till today. Children are subjected to the treatment of the adults surrounding them and have limited capacity to make their own decisions and protect themselves. Children are often defenseless and end up being taken advantage of and this can lead to abuse and neglect, including sexual, psychological, and physical abuse that cause short-termRead MoreThe Child Welfare System That Could Benefit From Technological Advancements1135 Words   |  5 PagesSOCIETAL CONCERNS There are so many aspects of the child welfare system that could benefit from technological advancements the societal concerns revolve around priorities. Between educational consistency, funding, caseloads, connectedness and training society needs to consider which aspect should be addressed first that will most significantly impact the best interests of the child. If case workers are tasked with providing additional services, this may increase turnover and decrease the qualityRead More The Progressive Era Essay1275 Words   |  6 PagesThe beginning of the twentieth century was a time of great social change and economic growth in the United States. The progressive era was a time in which Americans were innovating in social welfare. In the progressive period the government needed to take action in the role of economy, regulating big business, immigration, and urban growth. Once the great depression happened in which America’s economy faltered people started to panic. For Amer icans the main issues asked were how to make society workRead MoreSegregation And The United Kingdom s Policy And Practice1451 Words   |  6 Pagesand lead a separate life to others. For example some people may live in institutions and not within the community. Segregation is an institutionalized form of social detachment conveyed in physical separation. It implies a merging of physical and social space and is to be notable from other social practises. The more recent adjustment in social relationships between persons in situations of contact; segregation refers primarily to the separation of a person and the prevention of contact from othersRead MorePoverty, Immigration, Social Welfare, And Imprisonment, By Robert Crutchfield And David Pettinicchio1161 Words   |  5 PagesThe first article, â€Å"Cultures of Inequality: Ethnicity, Immigration, Social Welfare, and Imprisonment†, uses statistical analysis to discuss how race effects poverty, immigration, and welfare in het erogeneous and homogenous countries. The authors, Robert Crutchfield and David Pettinicchio, present two people that had theories on the culture of poverty. They were Banfield and Murray. President Bill Clinton praised Murray’s analysis by claiming that it was correct in all areas, but that his resolutions